Why Not to Do a Rapid Drug Detox

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For almost 20 years rapid opiate detox has been advertised as a savior for drug addicts and that’s the least of the promotional claims. These claims have been swept under the rug of mainstream academia because the fact is that this is still an inordinately expensive and explicitly dangerous procedure.
Rapid opiate detox refers to the treatment that uses opiate antagonists (or drugs that block the opiate receptors in the brains” to quickly bring about detox symptoms. “What’s it like going through detox” is a great article to prepare yourself or loved ones who are about to attend a detox.

The process of undergoing withdrawal is an explosively painful one. For this reason the entire procedure is performed under general anesthetic. Thus, you sleep through the worst of the symptoms and are able to proceed with as usual the next day. In fact, these recoveries will take multiple days, with some patients continuing feeling with drawl symptoms REPORTS. Because detox is uncomfortable and difficult, most celebs do not want to be seen.

And that’s the least of the reasons as to why you should not undergoes rapid opiate detox

1. The patient is under a general anesthetic yes, but the body is still dealing with trying to detox the whole of the body in a couple of hours. This brings with it a lot of stress. The point is that even though the patient is not awake for the procedure, it is traumatic. Not all drugs are created equal. Some drugs are harder to detox and rehab from.

2. General anesthesia is, in itself a risky deal to make. Compounding this risk is the fact that every year you age the risk of your body not waking up after a general anesthesia gets worse. What that means that an older patient could essentially die during a procedure that its best was unnecessary, according to webmd.

3. If a patient has unknown or unreported medical conditions, a rapid drug detox, or, anesthesia can be lethal. These drugs have risks of their own that goes along with the risk of the stress your body goes through during rapid detox.

4. A rapid detox program does nothing, absolutely zero, to rehabilitate drug addicts. In other words after you leave a rapid detox clinic you will be able to go right back and start using again. The necessary changes required to actually achieve sobriety don’t come overnight it takes many years going through a process of therapy and counseling before you will be able to properly maintain sobriety.

5. The most important reason why you should avoid this treatment is the massive amount of money that you have to spend in order to get into a program. This money could be better spent at a sober living community.