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Healthy Habits Conquer Cigarette Addiction: Quit Smoking for Good and Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

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The desire to stop smoking often comes as part of a desire to live more healthfully. Once the decision has been made to give up cigarettes, smokers often find themselves at a loss for what to do to take their minds off cigarettes. By putting their focus on new, healthy habits, smokers give themselves a greater chance of a successful quit.

Focus on Physical Fitness

Many people put off quitting smoking because of a fear of gaining weight. By choosing to become more active, smokers will stave off any potential weight gain, and will be impressed by the benefits quitting smoking gives to their overall physical fitness. Drinking water can not only aid in weight loss, but can also curb cigarette cravings. Those quitting smoking may also consider taking a fitness or yoga class. They will not only experience physical benefits, but may also meet other nonsmokers. Building a social support network during smoking cessation will reinforce the smoker’s new healthy habits, and give them a greater chance of quitting smoking for good.

Take Up a New Hobby

Pursuing a new interest can be a great way to help break nicotine addiction. Hobbies like knitting or other crafts will keep smoker’s hands busy, and have the benefit of a sense of accomplishment of creating a finished project. Smokers may also consider keeping a journal to help them recognize what triggers them to want a cigarette. Learning a new language, spending time with loved ones, and volunteering for a worthy cause are all healthy habits that can help replace cigarettes in a smoker’s life.

Discover Healthy Snacks

Many people who quit smoking have the urge to replace cigarettes with food, which can lead to weight gain. Fortunately, there are many healthy snack options available, including:

  • chewing sugar-free gum
  • sugar-free mints
  • chew on cinnamon sticks
  • fresh vegetables and fruits like carrot sticks and apples are inexpensive and provide a satisfying crunch
  • herbal teas are available in a variety of delicious flavors

Pampering and Self Care

Those quitting smoking should consider rewarding themselves for their new, healthier choices. Taking time at home to relax and indulge themselves can take the edge off of nicotine cravings. Whether smokers choose home spa treatments, a relaxing bubble bath, or a manicure/pedicure with the money they’ve saved on cigarettes, taking care of themselves will remind smokers of the many reasons they want to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is also an excellent time for smokers to focus on their oral health. Many smokers find that brushing their teeth can stave off cigarette cravings.